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Here utilize a few floating laptops these days all dual booting to Windows 11 and Ubuntu 24.XX.

Mostly using Ubuntu these days and occasionally use Windows 11. Tablets are running Windows 11 and one is running Ubuntu.

Manage Windows automation stuff on Windows 2016 server standard via RDP. Run Homeseer / Home Assistant today on Ubuntu base OS and Windows SAPI speech on Oracle VB's on same computer (years now).

Historically I have written about using PlayOnLinux for running old 32 bit Windows apps on my Ubuntu Laptops.

This morning installed UPB Upstart on my Linux laptop. It works fine connecting to UPB serial / USB PIMs and the UPB Digi Connect ME.
I like to spot check the UPB network here signals et al. I have some

Relating to the OmniPro 2 panel here run PCAccess, Snaplink, Omnitouch Pro and Upstart in PlayOnLinux. This is old 32bit Windows software that runs fine on Playon Linux.

I have a couple of older Amcrest IP cameras that do RTSP and ONVIF just fine. Management interface is via old IE 5.0 (run on PlayonLinux)

PlayOnLinux is very plug n play these days.

Installation of PlayOnLinux
Pete - What did you do to get UPStart to run on PlayOnLinux? Mine keeps crashing. What version of Wine is it using and is it 32-bit or 64-bit? I need to make some changes to my dimmers, but I'm running Debian on my server.
No special configuration. Just default installation of PlayonLinux on my Ubuntu Laptop Upstart Version 8.3.21

Upstart for XP download

I installed Upstart manually on laptop I am currently using and tested it with the Digi IP-PIM. I also have an old Windows GPS program and just kept picking different serial ports until I got the right one.

Here are the steps required to connect to a serial port in PlayonLinux running Upstart.

1 - connect your UPB PIM (serial) to serial to USB adapter * using standard UPB-Serial PIM or PCS UPB PIM and not an SA USB PIM (will not work).

2 - if it is the only USB to serial adapter on your Linux box it will show up as as /dev/ttyUSB0

3 - go to your terminal or command line prompt and type:

ln -s /dev/ttyUSB0 ~/.wine/dosdevices/com1

4 - run Upstart and connect to com1

You can also use regedit in PlayonLinux to do this:

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Turned out I had forgotten to stop the Home Assistant instance and it had the com port locked. All is well.
Here also have MS Word, Visio, photo editor, PCAccess (OP2 panel), OmniPro touch , Snaplink, et al. Recently testing GPS serial connection for my PFSense firewall using linux. That said you can just do a cat GPS0 to see the serial data sentences in Linux.

I did just install that UPB Digi IP-PIM which is small. I have remote UPB pims here on the 2nd story and main story used to monitor mostly the UPB network. The main UPB PIMs are connected to outlets attached to the fuse panel on their own circuit breakers.