PLC Lighting Interface Cable


Hi All

I'm considering purchasing the TI203 (240v) / TI103 (110v) computer interface, however the unit has a DB-9 connection.

Ho do i connect this unit to the PLC connector on the M1 Gold??

Do i need a adaptor or can i make my own cable??

Does anyone no the pin - outs on the M1


Both the TI203 and TI103 are RS232 to Powerline interfaces. Their RS232 protocol is proprietary and is not compatible with the M1 PLC port. If you want to communicate from the M1 PLC port to Powerline your choices are the X10 TW523 or PSC05.

Don't bother trying to connect a TI203 or TI103 to the M1's serial ports for sending ASCII strings because that would not be practical.
I was under the impression the TI203 was the replacment for the TW523??

Can anyone confirm if the TI103 or TI203 will work with the M1 PLC - they do have a UK version with the RJ10 connection which should fit the M1 J5 connector?


The Marmitek XM10 sure looks to me like a TW523, so I think it will work. But I would wait for a second opinion to be safe, since it has been a while since I looked at a TW523. :) The key is that it talks about sending binary data commands, rather than ASCII text commands, and it has the zero-crossing output pin.
Good Find Anthony,

Without trying one I cannot say for sure but I agree that it seems to be a "true" alternative or replacement for a TW523 or PSC05 in a 220V format.

EDIT: After checking with a very reliable source I have confirmed that the Marmitek XM10 is a very capable 220V alternative for the TW523 and that it does work with the M1.