Please tell me what you think of this new product

**Hi everyone. Just letting you know this is an actual representative of the featured company in this post. It is not spam. I'd like to know what the security consumers such as yourselves think of this product. Thank you and have a great day**

There is a new product on the security market that is changing the way homeowners and property managers approach the topic of securing a home or office. This product has been featured on the Discovery Channel show "It Takes a Thief", HGTV, and several national magazines. If you haven't heard of Door Jamb Armor you soon will.

It's a 4-piece security system that prevents doors from being kicked in by reinforcing key strike points on the door jamb, it's hinges, and the door itself.

It only takes under an hour to install the door jamb armor system to your door and any "do-it-yourselfer" can do it

It's the only product on the market that can be used to FIX a shattered door jamb and secure your hinges without removing the door.

Far cheaper than installing steel jambs

The base retail price for the full 4 or 5 piece set is LESS than $100

Volume discounts ARE available

Remember, all home security alarm systems do is tell you someone has ALREADY entered your home. Door Jamb Armor keeps them out and gives you advanced warning that someone is trying to enter your home, giving you time to prepare/call the police/arm yourself, etc. It may be a sombering statistic but more than half of all burglaries occur with the thief entering through an open door or kicking it open(as reported by the FBI's annual Crime Stats report, 2005). Door Jamb Armor was created solely to respond to this problem. But don't take my word for it though-visit
and leave feedback, requests, or questions on this forum. It'd be great to know what the public thinks about the product. If there are any questions I'll be more than glad to answer them. Thank you and have a great and wonderful day
no no no lol, no spam. Instead of mailing annoying junk mail, or hitting your email boxes, I've convinced some people here at the company that the best way to gain exposure for a product and to do it fairly is by asking the public (your!) honest opinion. That's all. I know it sounds like spam but I wrote it with best intentions at heart. Anyone on this Forum knows their stuff on security devices and alarms so who better to ask and interest than you guys? Thanks and hope I didn't offend any of you~
I don't think this is spam.

My opinion is that after kicking the door and having his foot bounce off, the thief will break the nearest window and get in. I'm not really sure what I gained by installing a robust door.

I think having a well lit perimeter, alarm monitoring signs, and cameras will be a stronger deterant.

Interior glass break and motion sensors will alarm and my cameras will capture the action...

I kind of agree with hucker. First, several doors open out so there is no way they are getting kicked in. And like hucker said, a thief is going to try the easiest method, and if they are a pro, they will get in 1 way or another. A brick through a patio window usually works wonders. All that being said there are probably certain scenarios where this product would be a fit and be a help.

Just make it as difficult as possible for them and most will just go to the next house. Have outdoor cameras, motion detection, turn on the sprinklers where there is motion and entry points, chirp a siren, etc.
Actually, we developed this product because we were renovating properties in some "transitional areas". Every one of our properties had the door kicked in and when we corrected that proplem the break-ins stopped. Here are some reasons. 1) Glass makes too much noise - kicking in a door makes almost zero noise (it sounds like a car door slamming). People know when a window has been broken. 2) Thieves don't climb in through windows that they break because they will get cut - If a thief breaks a window, they are likely going to stick their hand in, unlock the window and push the window open - the easiest way to prevent this is drillinng holes into the sides of the window track about 2" above the bottom slider and inserting nails. This will allow yout to get out in case of a fire but will make it difficult for someone to come in through a window. 3) Even if someone comes in through a window, they still need to go out through a door - If you have a double cylindar deadbolt, they can't get out of your house. It's kind of difficult to get a TV out of a window.

Also, outswing doors are great, except for the fact that they leave your hinges and locks exposed. It's very easy to pop the hinge pin out of an outswing door and simply lift the door off of the hinges.

Thieves know that they have about 5 minutes to be in and out of a house without risking being caught. If they waste 3 minutes trying to kick in your door, they will likely look for an easier target, rather than risk being caught.

Believe me when I tell you that we tried about everything possible before developng this product.
TheloniousMonk said:
I know it sounds like spam but I wrote it with best intentions at heart.

While not strictly spam, it sounds as plain old advertising. In the next forum that you post I recommend that you just write three lines:

We got this product. You can find details at this link www.***.com and we would really appreciate if you can let us know what you think about it.

I think that the best deterrent is having a system that let the potential intruder know that you know about him. Cameras are good, but even better is having external sensors with sound/lightning that react to the presence of the intruder. A recording that says something like "Potential intruder detected. Authorities are being notified..."

In my house, I'm sure that any intruder would try the windows before the door. They are so easy!
I hope the response above the comment before mine can answer any questions that might have been brought up beforehand. Also, I'd like to thank EVERYONE who has posted a comment so far because every single comment has been articulate and constructive critisicm. I'm extremely happy with the calibur of people on this site, I would have never guessed it contained such a great community of users. Thank you all and I wish you a great day!
CocoonTech welcomes vendors especially when showcasing new products. First thing first though. Please review our new vendor posting requirements.

Second, bag the sensationalized video demonstration (on your website). I never made it past the first five seconds. Complete frustration when all you want to see is "how does this work?".

Third, you asked for Cocooner's opinions. Please take them constructively (i.e. do not constantly "counter" them. I'm remembering a previous vendor who did this and got totally lambasted).

It would also be nice to know how much your product cost (a little more specific than "under $100").

Our membership would be much more interested in "CocoonTech Forum Member" discounts over volume discounts.

This product line does look interesting; but, I also have to agree that I think a thief would just seek an alternative point of entry if they can't break down the door. You mentioned that they would just move on to another house if they couldn't do this. Wouldn't a security system emitting a siren accomplish the same thing?

I'm also curious as to where you obtained your research results on points of entry statements and time limitations in your posts above.


I think it looked like an interesting device that would be of use in the type of housing areas that you very politically correctly called "transitional".

For most home owners though, I think the looks of it might scare people off - my opinion.
I've noticed since installing a domed network camera that watches our driveway when I review the motion captured video I usually see most of the first time visitors to our home glancing at it and most times doing a double take..if they are noticing it surely a thief would notice, within a month we'll install another right beside the front door and another above the rear door and we also have interior cameras.

So if the alarm is wailing and the cameras are recording once the thief breachs the front door I sure hope he can sweet talk the dog not to attack him and hopefully he also brought his louisville slugger to the party because I'll have mine.

I totally believe that cameras and motion activated lighting and alarm signs will tell most thieves to move on to the next house..most door locks worldwide are easily defeated by lock bumping never mind flying drop kicks that draw attention.

In case people have never heard of lock bumping read here..I'd be more worried about someone being able to silently break into my home like they have a key.
Pretty much what I was thinking as well Ripper. Lock bumping kind of defeats this, and if a thief isn't smart enough to do lock bumping, he will probably use the window or rear/side door anyways. Interesting product tho, I am sure it has its uses. I am really interested in seeing how this can be applied to French doors.
Kind of makes and attractive sale for RFID and magnetic locks after you read about lock bumping.

Here in Las Vegas, most homes are broken into via the sliding glass back door at the back of the home (obtained this information from Las Vegas Metro Police during a Neighborhood Watch seminar). :)

A lot of newer homes here are going to regular doors and eliminating the sliding glass door.
Ok, I will defend this product (or similiar products I should say =) I can not believe people are arguing against a secure door...

The "I have a siren, so no other security is needed" argument is silly....

They say when a thief wants in, he will get in, and it is true. but every little layer of defense helps. So if he kicks your door and it is solid SOME will move to a window SOME will leave, the door did its job. Now for the ones that move to the window, it is the WINDOWS job to deter the thief now. In this case, my lower windows all have Key Locks on them. So SOME leave and SOME move on to another point of entry... Each time SOME give up and move on it betters your chances of keeping your stuff.

If they get in the windows, then my doors come into play again because they all have double-sided bolt locks, so if you come in the window, you are leaving out of the window. You are not carrying stuff out of my door. Now you can remove hinges from the inside, but I have Hinge-Mates. So you remove the bolt-lock and you are out, but it all takes time and frustrates the thief.

The point is I want the thief to spend his 10 minutes before the cops arrive tackeling my obsticles, not loading up my stuff.

Lock bumping is an issue, but I have been picking locks for 20 years, so it is nothing that hasn't been a threat forever. Buy better locks, put on multiple locks, whatever makes you comfortable =) Lock bumping is NOT an excuse to secure a door from being kicked in.

If you have watched my latest video, I put locks on the inside of my house. Hell, my closet doors in my bedroom even have Hinge-Mates. I want every step of the theft to be a nightmare for the thief.

People forget to arm their systems... What about an intruder??? You are sitting on your couch and someone kicks in your door and KILLS YOUR FAMILY =) Well, a product like this would give you the extra time you may need to defend yourself.

Anyway, everyone can argue forever, my only point is more secure is more secure... And this is not a bad product on that basis... My concerns would focus on how hard it would be to install, if there are tougher products out there, etc.

In looking for keyless lock boxes, I saw a couple local companies that sell this or a similar product. They said you can come in for a demo... So if you are half-interested, maybe that is a good option, as I did not bother to look at this guy's website for more than a few seconds as I am familiar with the product..

First, thank you Vaughn for your statement. I could not have said it any better.

Second, to respond to BraveSirRobbin's comments.
We greatly appreciate all of the comments, especially the negative ones, that we receive from people in a forum like this. This is truly the only way to find out what people honestly think. I'm not tying to be defensive, I'm just trying to respond to concerns about our product in the best way that I know how.

The video is on our website because it actually shows how the product is installed and how it works. The last part of the video shows a test where several people took turns trying to kick in the door. I can understand your reaction to the first part but many homeowners do not think about the facts that we present in that first segment. Please watch the entire video and then comment. Also, know that the door in the video was kicked for more than 20 minutes and the only reason the test was stopped was because the deadbolt broke. This is why we strongly recommend using a grade 1 deadbolt if you use this product. We recomment Mul-T-Lock but Medecco and Arrow also make good grade one locks.

Our base 4 or 5-piece set retails for 99.95.

If you go to our website, you will see links to Web sites for the Bureau of Justice statistics and the FBI uniform crime report, which we used as references for our statistics. You will also see a link to the Crime Doctor site, which is one of the best sites on the Internet for information relating to security.

We are members of several police organizations, including the International Crime Free Association (see link on our site). We spend a lot of time talking with police at different meetings and conferences and constantly solicit them for feedback as well. The statements that I made about long response times were given to me by officers in Atlanta and Newark New Jersey.

Third, in response another one of BraveSirRobbins comments. All Cocoontech members will receive a 10% discount on their online purchases. Simply enter the code cocoontech07 at checkout and you will receive your discount.

One question for BraveSirRobin. Did the police tell you how criminals were getting in through the glass doors? There are ways to prevent this from happening also.

Again. All of your responses are greatly appreciated. Remember, there is nothing that you can buy that will stop a truly determined thief, with an unlimited amount of time. The thing to remember is that most thieves do not want to get into your hous, they want to get into a house. It is therefore your responsibility to make your home a more difficult target than the homes around you to entice the bad guys to look elsewhere. There are simply too many easy targets out there for thieves to risk getting caught by spending too much time trying to get into a single house. Our product is not an end-all home security solution but it is extremely effective and should be considered as an addition to any reasonable security package for your home. That is all we are trying to say.