Please Wait Establishing Secure Connection

I have used all the info posted and I am able to connect with the M1XEP
(over the internet) but then it gets stuck at the java app.

Anyone know the fix? ;) ;)
Comments from the ELKRP GURU:

Not enough info, but…

Is his Secure Port set to 2601?

Has he updated the app & boot to the new vers?

Does he have ports 26, 80, & 2601 forwarded thru the router? Only 80 can be remapped to another public port number (private must still be 80) Also forward port 21 for firmware updates.

Is he behind a proxy server or firewall that’s blocking one of the ports (ie. Is he at his office)?
Ok! I have checked all of my ports with and all ports are open to the outside world. I have not checked the connection from another computer.

Ok! Here is the nutty question. Can you contact the M1XEP from the same ip that it is on? :) :D :D :unsure: :unsure: :unsure:
You can't really be using the same IP (unless you are talking about the WAN ip being the same but different local IP's on the LAN side).

Can you connect to the M1XEP through a browser on your own network (not from the internet, but from home)? That might be a good place to start.

I mentioned the refreshing the page as I had some wierd behavior on the lan side at first, but after refreshing the page it was fine (when first connecting I think).
:p Okay! I the M1-EZ8 has connected to the internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It turns out that a Vonage receiver was first in line from the
cable modem and that it was feeding the router DHCP, which in
turn was distributing DHCP to the whole house.

I put the router first in line and attached the Vonage receiver
to the router and wella. All is good with the world and now everything
on the Elk M1-EZ8 works remotely.

Thanks for everyones help!!!

You can put the Vonage where it was at, but you must open up the Ports for the M1XEP to pass through it. Your routers IP would then be the Vonage's IP that it served.

Remember: Any routers or VOIP devices that is between the M1XEP and Internet must have the Ports that the M1XEP uses enabled to pass through them.

I had a year old Vonage system, but it kept locking up and disabling my Internet connection. I had to cycle power on the Vonage about 3 times a week. A SKYPE session would really lock it up. Finally took it out and went back to Bell South for telephone service.