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Has anyone ever heard of this product? It is based on linux from what I hear, and it does everything, Home automation, security, theater, everything! I did hear that the price is about $15k! Check it out.
I downloaded and downloaded the Plutohome Distro. I was to thrilled with Debian being a redhat user since 97 or so and I was not thrilled with the Plutohome Interface. I did not support more than 2 network inerfaces. Debian also recognized my firewire port as an ethernet adapter there goes using my second adapter.

Essentially you can use webmin, mythtv, misterhouse, asterisk, dhcp, dns, and iptables included in any redhat install. Mythtv, misterhouse, and asterisk can talk to each other. You'll be able to rip dvds, play dvds, record tv, watchtv, listen to music. You can use misterhouse's webinterface from any cellphone, pda, or web browser.

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I'm thinking about increasing my storage.. I find that I'm pushing 1TB with mp3s, dvd rips, and data backups.

Don't believe the hype from Pluto Home
I played with Pluto as well, and I came to the same conclusion. Might not be a bad package for someone who is just starting out, or has the time & money to customize it.