POE over DECA Coax Connection for IP Camera?


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I have an unused coax cable (probably RG-59) that I would like to use for a POE IP camera in a location where it would be difficult to pull a cat5 cable.  
I picked up a couple of these DECA connectors (Directv Ethernet Coaxial Adapter--DTV's much cheaper version of MOCA to put ethernet on coax) on Amazon.  I wondered if anyone has any experience or thoughts on whether I can inject the power for the camera on the switch/injector side (with this injector) of the DECA/coax connection (rather than on the camera side)--in effect, putting power on the coax with the camera signal.  I couldn't find anything that suggested anyone was doing it...
If not, I'll need to abandon the injector for this one camera and use a separate wall wart to power the camera at the camera location (in addition to the power for the DECA connector at that end). 
I'd prefer not to fry the camera or the DECA connectors....
Purchased one of those from Amazon about a month ago.  Works great.  That said you cannot do regular poe with it.  Power supply is large such that you can the split the power. 
Looked at mine and the power supply is 12VDC / 1.5A on both sides and they are connected.

Looked at the specifications it appears that both sides do need the power supply.
Typically my IP cams have come with a PS and use  POE.  The PS are 12VDC and about 1A. 
Thanks, Pete.
Yea, the DECA seems to work fine (I did a test 10' coax run but still need to try the longer run to the remote location).  Just for kicks, I tried putting POE power via the DECA onto the coax, but no luck (at least I didn't fry anything).
I had hoped that I would be able use your suggestion and use power from the DECA power supply for both the DECA connector and "inject" it into the cat5 RJ-45 plug going directly into the camera, but the POE 803.3af specs require 48 or so volts DC--more than than the 12 VDC the DECA power supply puts out and it didn't work.  
So I just ordered this passive injector/splitter.  I'll use the DECA power supply and split it into the injector to put the 12 volts on the last 15' or so of flat cat5 that runs up the wall to the camera and then use the the splitter right by the camera to put that power back onto the camera's barrel connector (rather than directly onto the RJ-45) and into the camera.  
Higher WAF than running two wires up the wall.
I was impressed with the DECA devices--makes we wonder where else around the house I have unused coax runs but no cat5 (since the coax went in years before we closed up walls the basement and other areas).
Should work.
Here tested a 50 foot coax run from the basement to the 2nd floor. 
More money but cheaper today (than a few years ago) is a MOCA 1.X or 2.X device with POE.
You really do not need over 100Mb for a camera.  MOCA 2.X does over 500Mb.
That said here build a small mini server area with just RPi's (tinker toys) using one small 8 port switch connected to the DECA device.
IE: have two floor to ceiling bookshelf's in home office with power / coax on that wall and originally used one shelf for tablet chargers.  Now today it has a bunch of little devices with direct ethernet connections. (and wireless).
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Never knew the Everfocus Palun existed.  What a great idea.
I see them on Amazon/Ebay for a bit over $100
They are a little pricey (almost as much as the camera itself) but they have saved me many hours labor. Just glad to share my find.

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