Possible Car Tracking?


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Has anyone seen THIS before.
I was thinking the receiver could connected to a power flash and the x-mitter in the car to tell when the car was home or away. Only part I dont know is if the "alarm" cuts off when the transmitter is back within range.

If it did, this would shure be a cheap car detector, with nothing to do in the vehicle whatsoever, and just hooking a power flash to the receiver, set to speaker level input.

On another note, with the transmitter on a keychain (the pendent one of course, and hopefully painted black or something) would know when you left the house and when you got home.
that URL is really screwed up lol.

I use a hawkeye motion sensor right now, can't beat the price, and works great, but since BSR did that great How-To on how to build a nice reliable one, I decided that it's time to upgrade since his setup is much better and more reliable. Hopefully I have some time this weekend to install it.
Not sure what happened with the link when I posted it, looks like the board mis-llinked it, as you could see part of the URL after I posted it... strange. I updated the link and tested it this time to make sure it works. Sorry about the "teaser"!
You should be able to use it, but it will probably go through batteries pretty fast, so you would have to connect a permanent power supply, not a bad idea tho.
Thats a definate on the batteries for sure. I was thinking of a 12v to 1.5v/3v or whatever it needs for the vehicle side. It could be hooked up continiously, as I am sure the draw would be VERY minimal. Inside would be much easier with a simple RS variable wall-wart.

Heck, for $20 I think I will order one to just give it a try. Wonder if they are on different frequencies? I would think they would ahve to be as if it is intended for a public place, and someone elses kid got out of range you wouldnt want it going of hehehe. If this is the case it would be simple to track multiple vehicles ect.

gonna go order one now to check it out.....

BTW I just ordered one of the
Rockford Fosgate WiFi Car/Home Audio Bundle's from Woot! a couple days ago. That will be SWEET to sync the PC with the car! I have a few podcasts that will update to the car when I am sleeping :lol: