PowerHome v1.03.4.10 Released


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Created version 1.1 of the PowerHome Generic Plugin interface. A controller plugin interface will be forthcoming.

Created the first PowerHome Generic plugin for general handling of email via MAPI.

Redesigned Device Status screen to allow for easier navigation on small screen devices. Also enhanced to allow for on/off control of Insteon groups.

Enhanced WAP server pages

Combined Devices and Device Maint tabs in Insteon Explorer into a single Devices Tab

Added buttons to allow for direct control of Insteon devices and PLC groups directly from Insteon Explorer.

Enhanced Insteon Device Chg trigger with [ALL] command. Also returns current and previous levels.

Support for UDP sockets (previously only TCP sockets).

Read the full release details here.
Until then, you can use something like the free HW_VSP application to add ethernet support. Thanks for posting this!