PowerLinc V2 USB Released (INSTEON)

Just curious. Why doesn't Insteon (or UPB or Z-Wave, etc.) have a computer/contoller interface that looks like a TW523 on the serial side while transmitting their respective new protocols on the powerline (or RF) side? It seems like this would be the quicker way to get their new standard adopted because all existing X-10 based hardware and software would be instantly compatible. As long as the controller thinks it is talking to a TW523 X-10 device it is happy and even if this limits some of the available features of the new technology it still would be a better answer than waiting for every manufacturer to support the new standard directly.
UpstakeMike, The TW523 is a miserable piece of hardware to interface from the software perspective. Emulating it would be just as ugly. It would also prohibit functionality that will distinguish the new technologies from X10. The software interface to Insteon and UPB is not very difficult and will not be a stumbling block for the technologies.

Squintz, I sent my SDK back because it simply could not do the most basic operations such as accepting a download. The technical support channels were also not setup a few weeks ago to support the product. A developers forum was setup, but all that was there was fellow-developer grief and nothing from Smarthome. Smarthome technical support indicated that Insteon was outside of their scope of support and the developer board was the only avenue of support.

HST is also a beta tester for Insteon. When both HS2 and Insteon are of legal age there will be a marriage.
but when will HCA, Home Seer or Girder support this hardware? I'm on the fence as to which software solution to purchase, waiting to see who will first support the PowerLinc V2 USB.

It will probably be a while before either support the technology. As far as software to buy... I hav only used HomeSeer so I will try and keep my opinion un-biased. I would suggest that you buy a few cheap X10 devices to get you started and then download the girder trial first and then Download the HS trial version. Make sure you have some hardware to play with first tho because you won't get the full experience if you don't
I believe the Girder v4 beta does (or will soon) support Insteon. HomeSeer has stated something to the effect of they will consider it for HS2 only, once HS2 is fully released and stabilized.

Make sure the vendors of any software you are considering know that this is a "must have" feature for your purchase. New customers carry a LOT more weight than those of us that have already paid. $$ talks.
I noticed that the serial PowerLink V2 is now on the web site. It doesn't indicate that it is in-stock, but at least you can browse to it. For some reason, I cannot find a way to browse to the in-stock USB unit.


The serial unit is $10 cheaper and is what you would need to work with the Elk M1. I wonder if PC based software packages (like HomeSeer, HAL, PowerHome and HCA) will support the serial version or only the USB version?

I already have a mix of Insteon, Smarthome and PCS switches/modules installed through most of my house. I have tried all of the above software and so far found HCA to have the easiest learning curve and the best specific hardware support.

I particularly like in HCA the following features:

1) the ability to import a "map" of my house and visually add all my devices in the map;
2) advanced remote programming of Smarthome and PCS switches and keypads;
3) web interface (although I wish the web interface was more Pocket PC friendly).

I really like the NetRemote interface, but can I use NetRemote to control my Home Automation without girder?