Powerline and UPB ?'s


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2 parts:

1. Is there usually a 'problem' with running several PLC protocols out of the same outlet? I noticed that if I put a UPB and X10 interface in the same outlet (off of an extension cord with a triple tap) then the PSC05/X10 does not work. Martin pointed this out in another thread but thought it may have been a bad power strip. Reason I ask is that I 'took over' a hall closet where previous alarm panel was and there is no power in there (alarm xformer was remote). I was planning on pulling a circuit from nearby room into there and tried plugging everything in there via extension cord. I have the M1 panel, PSC05, UPB interface at least. My concern now is after I pull the circuit in there, even if I break it out into several outlets, things won't work. Dilemma is its a difficult closet to get stuff in and I don't think I'll be able to pull several different circuits. Any thoughts - would some sort of filter allow it to work?

2. With UPB switches is it 'normal' to hear a 'buzz' when you press a switch, either on or off? It's not load enough to wake the dead, but it is noticeable. Is the buzz when the device actually transmits? I noticed in a rule that wasn't working (multiple clicks in another thread) it was because I was clicking the switch too fast. If I waited for the buzz after each click it seems to work. Is this normal?

I have also noticed that UPB switches buzz when they transmit. It must be a common occurance.

You can get enough loading on a power strip to degrade X-10 and possibly UPB signals. Switching power supplies like on computers are very bad to kill the PLC signals. Some dimmers in your house can reek havoc on PLC signals.

The transformer on the M1 does not seem to kill the signal that I have noticed.

If your power strip is a lightning suppressor strip, it can kill alot of the signal. Try a power strip that does not have lightning protection built in.

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Yes, the UPB "buzz" is normal. Only occurs when it's communicating. I admit, I really don't even notice it anymore.
I run my PCS UPB PIM and an X10 TW523 powerline interface on the same outlet. The outlet is on its own circuit and is only about 12 feet from the main panel. I haven't have any issues with this setup. The UPB buzz is a normal thing. It sort of sounds a bit like a dimmer switch when the lights are set very low and lasts for about a third of a second when the switch places a command on the powerline.