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Powerstrips are a hazard


My surge protectors and power strips are out of control in my wiring closet. I purchased a Tripp Lite 24 Outlet Powerstrip but the end of the plug is for a grounded outlet. This would be perfect. I either need to call in an electrician and switch out the outlet and change the circuit breaker or find a new power strip. I found a great surge protector that is spaced wide enough to allow for larger power adapters I have them daisy chained which is not safest thing to do.

Any suggestions?


Senior Member
If you do not have grounded outlets in your home... GET THEM!
I use 2 of those 24 outlet strips here, and they are SWEET. ;)


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I suppose you checked to see if you actually have grounded boxes... or did you cut off that little annoying green wire???? lol