PPC as Universal Remote


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My plan is to use my Axim x30 as a univeral remote, since sadly I dont have much of a use for it otherwise. Electron and I have been discussing this for the better part of the last 3 hours, and I have a general idea of what I'll be needing for the project, but I wanted to post to clear up a few things that E and I arent quite sure about.

What I'm doing:

I'll be controling my computer, all my Home theater stuff, the lights, and some equipment which will be in the closet.

What I think I need to do it:
PPC (My x30 should work nicely)
Wifi (already taken care of)
Remote control dimmer switch (http://www.vossystems.com/rclddimmer.htm)
NetRemote Pro+IR(Net Remote)
Stick on IR emitter
IR blaster

My questions:

Since I dont have any experience with the usbuirt, is connecting a secondary emitter to it as simple as wiring an IR LED to a stereo jack and plugging it in?
I suppose I'll have to buy a stick on emitter for the equipment in the closet, if indeed it is as simple as just connecting the two wires for the led to the output on the usbuirt do I connect this to the usbuirt in serial or parallel with the IR blaster?
The usbuirt module will be located somewhere near my computer (desk section of diagram), if I position it correctly do I even need the IR Blaster?

crappily drawn diagram of room:
I think I have everything pertinent to what i've posted listed above in the picture. If anyone sees any downfalls of this plan or can answer the questions I've asked I'd greatly appreciate it.