PR511 Motion Light Tips



I read this site when I was searching for info on how to make (the x10 flood light) the pr511 still sense motion during the day, but only operate a light or other device at night.

This article explains it all, and it's pretty simple to do. The electrician just left my house now, and mine is working exactly as it says in this article. Here are the features of wiring the light this way:

1) 24 hour motion sensing X-10 on and off signal for automation
2) dusk to dawn (or any other desired time period) floodlight operation upon motion sensing.
3) quiet motion detection (normal operation of PR511 sounds loud click from 120volt relay upon motion sensing, which draws undue attention to security lights and sounds less professional)
4) flash-free motion sensing during times when floodlights not set to turn on (such as daylight hours).
5) Automated Christmas light control with no additional automation hardware!
6) stand alone or automation controller controlled operation.
7) programmable synchronous multi-unit operation if desired similar to Leviton model but at no additional expense (at less cost total than the Leviton unit!).
8) reprogrammable behavior from the ground (change controller program and/or X-10 switch addresses without accessing motion sensor, which may be 20 feet in the air).
9) dimmable floodlights (e.g. full bright when motion detected, half bright for house accent lighting).

Hope this helps anyone with one of these.