Pre-order the Elk Touchscreen!

That is a bit more than I expected as well. It is however pretty large in comparison to other touchscreens out there (but cheap in comparison to the Cortexa (spelling?) one).

Bumping up the price into this range makes me start to wonder about fixed touchscreen vs mobile tablet PC. This is cheaper than a tablet on the other hand. Then again a tablet is not always the right choice either.

This is not just a touch screen, but a complete system running Windows CE. In those terms, this is not really a bad price. :)
It is indeed a nice screen. I have to agree though, at that price it does deserve to be called a "gem" :) Still, it does compare quite favorably with the price of other color touch screen devices, and you get a complete CE based device too.
Tony put it well: It's not just a touchscreen. The key here is it is a different approach of sorts. My understanding of the HAI one for example, is that it is closed, you get what they offer. With this one, you can do all that Elk provides, but also integrate other functions as you see fit. That is where the value would be, in a wall mounted solution.
And keep in mind that this just requires one single CAT5E run to the screen (even power runs over this cable!), which adds even more value to the screen.
Can you provide a clueless person like my self a little more details? I see it says you can run your own ce programs but I don't have a clue as to what the difference is between a ce program and any other executable. Can I add my own custom graphics to the touch screen? Can I use this touch screen to trigger and event on CQC since CQC supports the elk m1 gold? What else do I need to know about this thing?
If the CQC client runs on modern PDA's, it should run on CE. CE is the portable version of Windows. Since it isn't a full blown OS, you don't have to worry about updates, maintenance, security or viruses.
Actually I think it will run on portable devices. They have something called the .net viewer or DNV which people are using on PDA's. My last question is will the Touchscreen work without an elk? Can I purchase the elk controller at a later date and just run the interface with CQC for now?
Mike. The price of the Cortexa 12" touch screen retail price is cheaper then the ELK touch screen.

From what we can tell without having gotten ahold of one, it seems like it should run the compact framework version of our .Net Viewer. We'll get one in as soon as they are available and confirm this. But it should be a quite nice combination.