Pre-wire in Southern California (Temecula)


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I am looking for someone who would be willing to do a pre-wire in the southern california area. Temecula to be precise. It is a 4800 square foot house, and you can find the details of what we want to do here:

The problem is that I met with a guy tonight. He was arrogant, rude, and did not know the latest tech. I have not been able to find a local person who does pre-wire.

I am looking for someone who know's his stuff, and has experience. Even if you are out of state, we would be more than willing to fly you out here and put you up in a hotel. We just really need some help in finding someone.

Thanks guys!
Even if you are out of state, we would be more than willing to fly you out here and put you up in a hotel.

What an offer I wish I could take the time off to help but I'm locked into class until middle of June.

pkoslow would make a great choice by looking at his pictures.
If no one here responds, you could try posting on the forum
Hey gang,

Thanks for the recomendation... oddly enough, I just posted a reply to ph0n33z's thread about advice for building the new house before I found this one.

I did do all the wiring in my own home and have lots of experience from being in IT for the last 15yrs. Back in the late 80's early 90's I worked for an IT services company and ran a small team that did data cabling including fiber which was really new at the time. I did pleanty of the grunt work back then, but for the last 10-12 years have mainly hired or managed contactors to cable out new commercial manufacturing sites and data centers.

Here in California, low voltage wiring requires a license and even with the experience I have, I don't qualify to take the test (applical experience has to be from within the last 10yrs). For now, I sub out all the low voltage & high voltage work to licensed contractors. I've got a real good relationship with the company that does my low-voltage work and may get back up on a ladder doing some work for them to meet the qualifications to get licensed myself. In general, I'll still sub out the bulk of this kind of work, but would like to be "officially" qualified for when I just want to run a few cables for a customer.

Sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with the first cabling guy you had out to spec the job... Temecula is a bit far for me to be direcly involved (I just spent 3.5hrs driving back home from LA which is only 100mi away!). I will check with my local cabling guys Wednesday to see if they know anyone in your area that they can recommend.

Thankyou so much Paul.

I was wondering if we could talk on IM or in chat? I would like to talk to you about using licensed versus unlicensed people in California.

If you have any free time, just let me know. Thanks bud!

- Corey
We are in Vista and do work up into Riverside county. If you are interested, visit our site at or give me a call at 760 494-0475. We can help you out with as little or as much as you want


p.s. we are licensed :D