Pre wire qoute


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Hey all,

Can somebody please send help me quotation for pre- wire fir new house for alarm wiring , Cat 6 wiring for Cctv,speaker,internet and telephone line through out the house.

How much I charge per run in GTA toronto area for cat5,cat5e,cat6,cat6e and alarm wiring ?

Which system I can use for speaker for med range good quality for family area,living and master bedroom . Customer want to play couple of speaker with separate controller and some of them together with one controller. He also want home theatre in house

what should I use, which wire should I use for system.

How much runs is necessary for each room?

Where to buy good price product in gta area ?

where can I get switch, patch panel and rack at good price dealer?

I know about CAMERA, internet AND Alarm pre-wiring and professional installer for Camera. Pre wiring for camera, alarm and internet wiring.