prewire for windows sensors


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Hi there,

I'm in the process of pulling wire for my soon to be purchased elk security system. I've purchased the security cable which I will be installing at every window. I want to install small windows sensors that can be hidden in the frame. But I still have not ordered the sensors and its now time to install the windows!

Could somebody give me some pointers on how to prepare for the installation of windows sensors. This is what my inexperienced mind tells me to do,

1. Run the cable to the base of each window.
2. Make a small hole in the frame of the window and pull the cable into the frame.
3. Install window properly.
4. When the sensors arrive push the cable back into the frame, enlarge the whole and then connect the sensor to the cable.

Will this work? Anything else I should do?


It's better to drill the proper size hole all the way through the window and frame (all at once to obtain proper alignment). Then just run the wire through the hole. If you must close your windows before the sensors arrive there are plastic plugs to loop the wire though (most builders use these when homes come pre-wired for security).

I would highly suggest putting in your sensors before drywall goes up (I have done this both ways).

Look at the Security Install How-To for further details.
Ditto on holes after the window frames go in, whether the holes are in the frame or not. I did an install where the holes were supposed to be right in the corner, outside the frames. Funny how the frames never go in quite the same for each window...drill after the frames are in.
Also, I noticed you stated "run the cable to the base of each window". This would probably depend on your window type (sideways open vs. up/down open) and how they come "out" of their tracks (for instance I have some "up/down" travel ones that can "only" have the sensor at the bottom based on the type of gadget attached to the window in the side tracks).