Primary/Secondary display resolution


Is anyone using a dual graphics card setup with a normal monitor as the primary display and a touch screen as the secondary display? I can adjust the resolution independently on mine but for some reason I only get a full screen on the secondary when the monitors are set to the same resolution. For instance the primary is 1024x768 and my Lilliput 8" touch screen must be set for the same to see the entire screen. If I attempt to set the Lilliput at 800x480 I get a huge black bar at the bottom of the screen and windows will not display the lower third of the screen. If I set it to 800x600 the screen fills but much of the image is cut off. I've used Catalyst and Powerstrip to adjust the resolution and get the same results. Any suggestions?

I know this doesn't help, as i don't have a touchscreen, but i use dual displays and i can change the secondary display's resolution to something different than the primary and it dipsplays ok.. My setup uses two physical video cards (nvidias)...

But i would think there is significant limitation using a touchscreen as an extended display. What if you want to open an application and it pops up on the primary? (nvidia has desktop manager software that let you choose what displays to show apps on, and memorize, but this would be inconvient in both directions). one of my LCD's has broken twice, giving me a similar condition and it is extremely annoying.

My plan with a touchscreen was to use it as a remote login (single/seperate display) via running embedded CE on it... Maybe i'm missing something?

Sorry looked up the liliput - it's truly just a monitor - so now i see

so i guess you would just store whatever app you want to run on that on the extended display, leave it there and keep the start bar on the primary (as you wouldn't need to run anything else but you H/A control from there)? i.e. you wouldn't access anything but the H/A on that one and everything else would always go to the primary?

Sure sounds cheaper than an airpanel!!!!

That's the plan. I will be running CQC on the extended display and for now that's all I need. I thought I was being so smart to use a display that had 800x480 resolution. That way when I purchased a new UMPC with that resolution I wouldn't have to rebuild my screens. Nothing in HA seems to be simple or straight forward.