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I'm a newbie with 1-wire. Just got my USB adapter and the humidity/temp/solar sensor board and got stuck. Hope someone can help... :)

I'm using Win XP Pro as the host. I installed the 1-wire drivers for windows and start the OneWireViewerDemo. I have the sensor connected to the USB adapter via a new telephone cable, and the adapter is plugged into the computer.

When I have just the USB adapter plugged in, the Viewer shows a DS1990A device, which it says is a 64 bit unique serial number. But when I plug the sensor in, the device list on the left goes blank. So something does happen when I plug and unplug the sensor, but it's definitely not doing the right thing.

Does anyone have any debugging tips or hints?



Make sure you are using a straight through cable. It sounds like you are shorting out the 1-Wire bus. That will cause all the devices to disappear.

Hi Eric,

Thanks for the fast reply!

I'm using a regular phone cable. If I hold the two connectors of either end side of the cable by side, I see

blue/yellow/green/red/black/white and white/black/red/green/yellow/blue

Is this a straight through cable? Is there one of these I can buy from the Hobby Boards site?

Also, on the sensor itself, I can just leave the jumper between pins 1 and 2 in place, right? I want to power from the 1-wire bus...



You need to remove the jumper if you are going to get the power from the 1-Wire data line.

Are you holding the cable with the connectors side by side or end to end? The color coding you mentioned, if the connectors are side by side, would cause a short since the ground and data line would be reversed.

We do offer an adaptor cable to go from the RJ11 on the USB adaptor to an RJ45. Then if you want your unit farther away you can use standard network cables. You can find more information on wiring in our How To


Thanks! those were my two problems:

1. Reversed cable.
2. Didn't remove jumper.

Now I can get started writing some software for this! Thanks very much for your help!