Problems enrolling ELK-M1XRFEG on my ELK M1


I recently disconnected an M1XIN that was no longer needed from my M1. I replaced the jumper on the data bus hub, removed the expander from the system, and hit the 'enroll' button on the software to update everything. Weirdly the ELK-M1XRFEG is not registering on the system. It has power, but the red light is on. I have switched the M1 off and on and tried the enroll function a few times but no luck.

The system is pretty simple with an M1 gold, retrofit data bus hub, three keypads, M1XIN and M1XRFEG.

Any suggestions? Might it have failed in some way?

Did you figure out your problem? I wonder if your hub is terminated correctly for this data line. It looks like the jumper JP1 is installed in the M1XRFEG. Is this the only device on that run from the retrofit data bus hub? Is the hub terminated on its side?
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