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Problems posting blogs - old and new


Over the years here have noticed that I cannot really complete any blocks with pictures as it keeps going to the security authentication and doesn't post such that I do not post any blogs lately.
I have now noticed too that Firefox is doing more security now that before.
A couple of days ago ran in to an issue updating a profile on an account.  I could not using Firefox and had to go to Windows Explorer to complete the update.
This morning noticed the following error when trying to update one blog.
ERROR for site owner:
Invalid domain for site key


Senior Member
I use Firefox as my main browser (Mac) and without a doubt, it is the most fussy. There are many web pages that just don't work with Firefox that do work with Chrome or Safari. It has become more frustrating lately.
I have seen the "Invalid domain for site key" when one of those "Captcha" authorizations isn't correct.  I have also seen it when Firefox didn't even display the Captcha correctly so its impossible for you to even complete it.  Its frustrating stuff like this that's makes me mad. On more than one occasion companies have lost sales because their purchase pages were "broken" for my browser one way or another. 
For a while, the Captcha was getting so complex that you were forced to complete 5 or 6 before you could pass.  How many traffic signs and road pictures can you endure?  They seemed to have scaled back and now at most you have to complete two.
The rush to constantly add "features" to web pages and email just causes more problems, which have to be patched, which takes more and more code, which just slows everything down more. Any 98% of people and businesses don't use these features anyway. Please please make it stop.