Problems with GE/Jasco 45600 and 45601 Z-wave remotes


I am using GE 45600/45601 as secondary controllers, with a PC (Vizia RF + Installer and ControlThink stick, FW v4.52) as the primary.

45600/45601 looked like an attractive proposition because they were so cheap ($13-20) I could put one or two of them in every room.

Issue with GE 45601:

Any time I add/remove devices, I need to push the change out from the primary controller to the secondary controllers. (Right?)

If I remove an appliance module and then hit "ALL OFF" on the 45601 without updating the controller, it turns off the remaining devices but reports "FAILURE". I am assuming this is because the secondary controllers do not know that the AM has disappeared from the Z-Wave network, and so they time out looking for it.

To update the secondary controller, I do: SETUP -> TRANSFER -> RECEIVE. On the PC I click "include device". This succeeds:

- The PC detects that I tried to "add" the existing 45601
- The 45601 receives the network topology update from the PC
- The 45601 no longer shows "FAILURE" when I hit "ALL ON" or "ALL OFF"

But... this also erases all of the keypad button mappings on the 45601. i.e. every light/group/scene button now says "EMPTY" again

I do not want to reprogram every button on every remote each time I add/remove a light switch or appliance module. There are occasions when I want to temporarily add a node to the Z-Wave network, then unplug it in a day or two.

Is there a way around this?

In lieu of SETUP -> TRANSFER -> RECEIVE, I have tried:

45601 side: SETUP -> NETWORK -> RECOVERY (result: immediate FAIL message)
45601 side: SETUP -> NETWORK -> UPDATE (result: immediate FAIL message)
45601 side: SETUP -> NETWORK -> SEND INFO (result: SUCCESS message, but "ALL ON" remains broken)
45601 side: SETUP -> NETWORK -> RESET (result: this completely resets the controller to factory defaults)
PC side: Network -> Program stick to match file, then click Yes to optimize the network (result: success, but 45601 "ALL ON" is still broken)
PC side: Network -> Program entire network (result: success, but 45601 "ALL ON" is still broken)

Issue with GE 45600:

I am able to add the 45600 to the network. ALL ON / ALL OFF work (and succeed until I remove a module, as above). But I am not able to associate any devices to the keys (e.g. SETUP -> ADD -> LIGHT -> 1). The green LED just keeps blinking, even after I have pressed the button on the AM.

The same issue was reported here:

My initial setup used a 45601 as the primary controller, and I never had this problem. It only popped up when I used the USB stick as the primary.

I only see this on 45600 secondaries, not 45601 secondaries. Possible firmware bug?

Any thoughts on the topic would be appreciated...


Were you able to sort out the issues with the 45600? Amazon has these for about ten bucks a piece. Well worth it -- if they will work as a secondary controller...

Deane Johnson

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I spent a bunch of time on this issue a few months ago, including several hours on the phone with the Z-Wave guy at Jasco.

Bottom line is that with my ThinkStick as the primary, I was never able to get the 600 to work as a secondary. However, I did get the 601 (with the LCD) to work.