Program to monitor internet speed over time?


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Looking for a program to check and log internet speed over time.  My speed is fair most of the time but I think it gets slow when busy.  Hopefully this can be checked periodically without too much impact on other activities.  Windows or Ubuntu - either one would be fine.
The PFSense dashboard Gateways widget will show RTT and loss %.
RTT Standard Deviation - a measure of how spread out the RTT is over the calculation period. The standard deviation is reported by other latency measuring tools, such as ping and mtr, though these tools usually calculate it on a 'whole run' basis, whereas dpinger uses a rolling calculation period.

There are a bunch of widgets you can configure on the PFSense Dashboard.

Click on the top of the page plus sign to add widgets.
You can also enable RRD graphing on any logged data on PFSense.
I will take a look at that.  This is only for traffic from attached network devices and not any packets by pfsense just for measurement purposes, right?  My Starlink antenna works for about 5 minutes at power on and then fails so I am stuck with my DSL for a bit longer.
PFSense can measure any traffic  or response times to the internet on any interface out of the box with basic default configuration.   
There is no need for any additional tools.    
Gb Ethernet testing only.  Wireless is totally different.  
Have a look at DSL Reports tools. Here is one test I ran this morning at: Ping Test