Program UPB while plugged into Elk?


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Is there a way to be able to program UPB without having to go to "the room" unplug it from elk, plug into my laptop, do the deed, plug back into elk?

If you have a laptop, you can use the UPSTART programming software to download the data from your existing network, modify it , and then upload it to the network.

All that is required is the software (availabelfrom ElK for free) a PIM (powerline interface module that plugs into any wall outlet), and an RS-232 cable to connect it to the laptop.
Derek, I think what most people including myself do is just get an extra CIM. Leave the Elk intact and just use the spare one with your laptop for programming. AO may still have some open box specials on them - not sure.
yes, but that is my point, I have to take the laptop to the can, disconnect the serial from elk, plug into the laptop, program the devices, then disconnect serial and reconnect to elk. little bit of a pita when you are just starting to set up. one it's all done (ya right) it will be ok.
damn, 2 replies while I typed the above.

Ok, that may work. i thought you could only have the one CIM per network. Thanks!

Just set up the laptop in a central location. When I install, I usually install all the switches in a room, put them all in setup, and let UPstart find them all at once. Then I set the room name, device name(I may have to send a blink signal from upstart to conferm which unit i am programming) and ID# (I sort the ID# by room in the opening page of UPstart). Then I set all of the transmits and Receives to what you think you will like. (It saves time if you have your links setup before programming switches) Then send the program to the switch.

Later, I tweak the scenes using the "local scene programming" procedure.

Local scene programming:

1. Press a button that activates the link you want to modify
2. Adjust the dim levels/on/off for the devices in the link that you want to change
3. press the original button 7 times and watch all of the loads flash
4. All loads are now programmed to the new settings.

There are 2 concerns with this procedure:

1. Be sure to remember which scene button you are modifying. If you press the wrong button 7 times you will change the wrong scene.

2. After this process you will need to update UPstart with the new settings.

To update Upstart:

Do a Network Varify.... you will notice that several devices will have minor on each device box in the grid one at a time. Upstart will query that device again and ask you if you want the old UPstart program or the new program in the switch. Sellect the program from the switch and move on to the next device. This can be a pain when you have a lot of changes. I have talked to Simply Automated folks about getting a "Yes to All" feature in this procedure.

Hope you find this helpfull,
Thing is I am not doing everything all at once, nor do I know what I would like the other 3 switches on the 240 to do at this time, so I will need to be coming back to them and others. If the extra CIM will work, giddy up!
Have you created any global links yet? Such as All off, Party, Emergency, Bedtime, Goodnight, Evening, Movie time, Not home, etc.

If you have those setup first then as you add switches around the house you can add them to the scenes as you go. If you do not setup the scenes early you will think of a new scene and have to go back to the other switches(easy with UPStart)and add them to the scenes.

I misspoke in my earlier post...The UPStART software is available from the UPB manufactures (HAI etc ) not from ELK. ElK provides the ELKRP softrware for programming your M1 for free.

Mea Culpa....Mea Culpa... Mea Dumbass!!
If you're able to, it's also nice to rdp from a laptop into a pc with the second interface module. That way you can carry the laptop around to each device as you program it in upstart.
acheslow said:
If you're able to, it's also nice to rdp from a laptop into a pc with the second interface module. That way you can carry the laptop around to each device as you program it in upstart.
That is what I do - I have it hooked up to my Homeseer PC. Works great.