Programable relay


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Hello folks!

I was looking for a programmable timer that could switch a 110/220 V load on and off. Does anyone have any experience with this or know of any products? It has to be a stand alone product (no HA on site) and the more outlets the better. Something like 8-10 individual load switchs would be ideal. Thanks in advance for the help.

Do you mean 8 individual loads switched at the same time or 8 independent timers?

Something like an old Window Air Conditioner timer plus a power strip?

It would need to have individually switched loads. I was thinking one "unit" that had multiply outlets would be great, but multiple units with one outlet is ok too.

The ELK Magicmodule MM443 with 4 outputs or the MM220 with 1 output is designed as a programmable relay with lots of other features.

The is a software development kit for programming.

I'll definitely look at the Elk products. I was hoping for a stand alone programmer...something anyone can change at the unit. The application is turning on and off a power supply at different times and/or durations.

Thanks for the help.

Don't know what your budget is, but the M1EZ8 Automation Controller with one relay output expander may be in your price range. You can do anything you want and much more with it.