Programming an Elk M1 Ez8 new key fobs


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Our church has an elk entry system, with key fob magnetic entry. The key fobs we used are rosslare key fobs.

This system was installed about 20 years ago, it's still fully functional but we've run out of key fobs and need to get new ones. I've found new rosslare key fobs, but I cannot find information on how to program new fobs or reprogram our old ones that stop working.

We've got an ELK-M1KP3 key pad. Are new key fobs programmed on that or do we have to have elk software to reprogram?

I'm really needing to figure out how to redo the new fobs in house, we've contacted several companies in our area and no one does this elk anymore. They all require us to buy complete new systems, but this still works.

The original company went out of business.

Can anyone give me info on getting new fobs working with this please?
I'm not an expert on the key fobs, but have some basic knowledge of them.  How you program them will depend a bit on whether you are using iButton fobs or Wiegand fobs.   The iButton fobs are only programmable through the Elk RP2 software.  The Wiegand type can be programmed through Elk RP2 or the keypad.
A good place to start is to study the instructions in the Elk M1KPAM manual.
Using RP2 is the easiest way to go vs doing it through the keypad, especially if you have multiple fobs to configure.