[PROMOTION] Elk M1 Homeseer plugin giveaway

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Mark was kind enough to provide us with 1 free license for his popular Elk M1 Homeseer plugin. If you would like to learn more about this plugin, check out Mark's forum which contains much more information about this plugin.

So if you own a legal copy of Homeseer, and are planning on purchasing the Elk M1 panel soon (or already own one), and don't have the plugin, then you qualify to enter this giveaway. Just respond to this thread (one entry per person, per snail mail address). A winner will be picked by the end of the week. Thanks again Mark!
I would also like to be included in the drawing.
I am sorry that I missed the discussion Friday night as I am very interested in this system, but was busy moving in a new house ... that desperately needs an alarm system :D

Was the discussion logged in a digest?
Thanks and good luck to all !!
Oh, me me! I'm still working the alarm side of my Elk and haven't gotten around to HS integration yet......
Please add me also! I love my M1G and to add it into Homeseer would be amazing!!! Thanks Mark and Cocoontech!!!

bwally is the lucky winner, I will contact you once I get a hold of Mark. Congratulations again, and thanks everyone for participating.
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