Well my 2 cents on remotes is that I prefer the tactile feel of buttons under my fingers for day to day use for watching TV, TIVO and DVD's. As for a touchscreen remotes why not consider a PPC running Netremote. You could get much fancier with the graphics as well as the amount of control. I use that for my Now Playing project for my whole house audio setup.

Check out this thread...

I've got nothing but good to say about my pronto remotes. I started with a TSU-1000 many years back for my living room theater, and am now using a TSU-7000 for my new home theater. The 1000 is still upstairs, but the only complaint I have with the old model is the brightness is not where it should. Of course that's been long since resolved in newer models.

The only reason I can think of that it would receive negative comments, is that it's a bit of a pain to program and customize if you want to get fancy. I'm of course biased, so you should check out Remotecentral for reviews on the various remotes out there. Remotecentral also has templates for the pronto remotes so you can download and tweak it for your setup instead of starting from scratch.
I love my color Proto Pro. I've been using it for 2 years now and it lets my wife and kid control the home theater with no help from me. There must be a hundred sample CCF (skin) files at

Some of the new PPC's from HP (iPAQ Mobile Media Companions) come with Nevo, a free remote app. It works OK, and you can customize it pretty well. I have an rx3115.

I have a problem controlling some functions on my Denon receiver with it, but, with hooks into my HA software and a USB-UIRT, there's nothing I can't do with it, even keep an eye on my cams. ;)