Proposal to outlaw video analog-digital converters


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From Slashdot:
If it makes its way from Capitol Hill to the Oval Office and becomes law, the measure will outlaw the manufacture or sale of electronic devices that convert analog video signals into digital video signals, effective one year from its enactment.

Given the huge implications of this proposed lay, I think it is very difficult for this to become law, but if it happens the price of the video capture cards will go up very fast.
I really don't think such a proposal would make it out of the judiciary committee, since it directly conflicts with the fair-use doctrine.

Think about it: It would be criminalizing you putting the video of your child's birthday party on your computer.
I think ultimately they are more worried about copying digital to digital down the road so thats the battle they will wage with us.

Congress passed the DMCA, Patriot Law (barely again), and RIAA/MPIAA has bought their way into Congress already, I wouldn't be surprised if this actually does become law :rolleyes:
As I understand it, the Patriot Act was only extended for five weeks until they reconvene after the break. Hopefully, it will be fixed then. :rolleyes: