Protocol documentation for HAI Omni 2e pre 2.16


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I have been reading a lot of the threads here on HAI panels, and decided to join to try and get more help, and maybe offer some as well.
This may seem like a pretty specific question, but I am looking for documentation of the HAI protocols PRE version 2.16.
There appears to have been a set of changes made to the firmware that changed to message types and responses, and unfortunately, my panel says it is running 2.13.
As a result, I cannot connect to it over TCP, and had to connect over UDP instead.
I spent many, many hours digging around for how to interface to my HAI panel, and I made good progress today by downloading some (older) Java code that seems to embody some of the older interfaces.  The key was that the packet start byte for the older firmware was 0x5A, and they changed that to 0x21 in 1.6.
Unfortunately, again, it only goes so far in explaining some of the older protocols, and I suspect I will spend countless more hours hacking around on my panel to 'discover' what some of the request types and responses are.
I have looked at replacing the panel, but I really like the built-in ethernet and the fact that it supported encrypted TCP/UDP such a long time ago.  This little project forced me to learn AES encryption, which I have working in a nodejs prototype application.  If I can get this working a bit more, I want to move it onto a Raspberry Pi, and put it in the cabinet with the panel to act as a "gateway" to my HAI panel.
My panel is pretty simple; mostly use it as a security panel, but it would be nice to be able to get a full set of reports and notifications from the device so I can monitor it at least as well as my central security monitoring company does.
Welcome to the Cocoontech forum John.

I am not aware of any Protocol documentation for HAI Omni 2e pre 2.16
It would be easier to upgrade your panel to firmware 4.X.
Currently utilizing Docker OmniLinkBridge MQTT application and Homeseer Omni to talk to the panel.
The OmniLinkBridge MQTT is free.