protocol types - pricing


For a new home, I'm trying to decide if I should go ALC, Z-wave or UPB.
A quick looks shows that Z-wave wall switches are much less expensive than UPB.
Why is that?

You don't really have to do any prewiring for Z-Wave / UPB, just make sure you have a neutral wire going to each light/outlet box. UPB seems to have more hardware out already, and seems to be similar in performance, yet uses the existing wiring in the house, just like X-10 does.

The reason UPB is more expensive (from what I have heard, someone correct me if I am wrong) is because the manufacture sets the minimum price, and in this case, PCS (the manufacture) is used to selling high priced hardware, so they are trying to avoid going too cheap or their own customers will question their other products.