PSC05 dead?


Staff member
So I am trying to hook up my PSC05 to my Elk panel, and I notice that it is only able to receive data (red LED blinks), but when I try to send an X10 command, the light doesn't blink, and nothing happens. So I moved it back to my Ocelot, to verify where the problem is, and I am having the same issue. Is my PSC05 dead, or is something else going on? Is there anything else I can do to test this unit?
Well, if you can receive data, then that would rule out the "cable" issue correct? Probably dead. Do you have a TW523 laying around?

Other than that, sometimes its the simple things that can bite you. When was the last time it worked? What did you do since then? Same outlet?

Do you think you might have damaged the cable or connector ends with the hooking/disconnecting?