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Does anybody have any experience with PCS Pulseworx UPB? I just noticed on their tech sheets that their 6-button controllers have IR ports. This, in theory, means I could get my Harmony 880 to turn on the lights in the living room. But all the UPB discussions I've found here at cocoontech have been either SAI or HAI.

Also, if Martin happens to read this thread, your website doesn't show any of the PCS desktop controllers, and under the wall-mount controllers, it says "Check with your dealer" for pricing. Does this mean you don't really carry PCS stuff?

Dave (Event5) uses one, I'm sure he will reply when he sees this.

Yup, I installed a PCS six button desktop controller in an AV cabinet to control lighting scenes in the entertainment room. It can control 6 UPB links and dim and bright 4 of them. You can look at the configuration I used by downloading the Upstart file I shared here:
(I need someone to show me how to create a "here")
Look in the Fam Room, you can also look at the Family Room links.

I taught a univeral remote the IR codes and placed the 6 button facing the IR blaster inside the AV cabinet. Works great!

You can have as many as 4 six button controllers in one location to control up to 24 links. It can control anything that can be attached to a UPB link

Martin should be able to get these for you, however they are expensive. $225 retail I believe.
Yes, we do carry them. They work great.

You can teach a learning remote the codes or use the Lightolier (PCS is manufacturered by Lightolier) credit card remote to control them.