PulseWorx UPStart 8.3 build 27 now available

The UPB Configuration tool UPStart has been updated with important bug fixes and improvements.

As UPStart is a Windows program, we try and stay on top of any changes that Microsoft makes to Windows to ensure that UPStart continues to work reliability on Windows 10 and Windows 11. Recently we became aware of a potential issue that we needed to correct. Because of this, PCS suggests you to update UPStart to this latest build soon

In addition to the changes for correct operation with the latest Windows, several improvements are also in this build:

A new Online Resources tab to let you quickly access the most common online documentation
Improved error messages – less engineering and more what you need to know
A better way to view and modify the PulseWorx Gateway Apps labeling for devices

More release notes:
Version 8.3 Build 27

1. Improved the error message when connecting to the Gateway and it fails due to
and incorrect username or password.

2. UPStart allows a label different from the device name when displayed by a
mobile application. This provides a way for the name used by an installer
to be replaced by a more user-friendly name when seen on a mobile device.

Some users didn't realize this and changed the device name and then didn't
see that change reflected in the mobile application.

To make it more obvious that these two names can be separate, on the ID
tab of the device properties, the remote access name is now also shown.

3. Changed the button names in the PulseWorx Gateway ribbon category
to hopefully be clearer in their function.

4. Improved error messages throughtout the product.

5. Improved the PulseWorx Gateway schedule verify tool.

5. Added an Online Resources ribbon category.