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I was wondering what is the best (and cost effective) way of punching down and patching my CAT-5e network that I just put in my house? Should I go with the pre-made structure-wiring modules or someting else. Any links would be appreciated.
I used something like THIS for my networking and phone distribution, but I already had a Leviton Structured Media case installed by my builder.

I think a lot depends on the amount of room you have for your system. For instance I have the cabinet that goes in between my wall studs so a 19" rack mount solution would not be feasible, but if you are mounting in a rack sort of entertainment system, this might be ideal for you.

I like the smaller punchdown cluster so I could have more versatility in space arrangements in my media center.
I originally bought a telco sized patch panel for my cat5e wiring, but then I decided to go with a Channel Vision Structured Wiring panel and use the smaller modules such as the ones BSR mentioned. It will look much nicer, and I don' have to worry about rackmounting stuff and keeping the rack close to the wall. It's also easier to run other applications over cat5 (i.e. jump from your IR distribution block to a cat5e drop so you can run IR over this).

This is the one I got:

and I also got the plexi glass cover, I am still in the middle of building my server room, so can't take any pics as it hasn't been mounted yet.