Purchasing Cables


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I need to run some cat 5e cable throughout the house and was wondering if you all would know a good place to purchase from. All the prices I can find at local stores are a bit high (about $50 for 100ft.)

I came across this site Cables4sure, and while the prices look great, I am also afraid that it "is to good to be true".

So where do you all get your cables from and how much should I expect to pay per foot?

Totally forgot about pricewatch.. good call

My initial quest was to find out what sites others have used for ordering cables when wiring a house, figuring that they would be in the know.

1000ft is just too much for me at this point, as Im renting a 2bdrm townhouse. If and when I own, however, this will be the route to take. I ordered 2 100ft. cables as this is all my needs require at this point.

One other question. Is cat6 worth the price (double that of cat5e)? I know absolutely nothing when it comes to networking, so go easy with the terminology.

Yeah the problem is that really small companies will list their prices low, then nail you with the shipping, froogle.google.com tends to be a little better about this.
oh yeah, about cat6, cat6 is the exact same thing as cat5e, just different labeling, cat6 is rated for gigabit speeds, cat5e is too.
I got mine from CompGeeks last summer for like $37 for 1000ft of cat5e. I thought that was a great deal, and the cable has come in handy, it even came with a pack of 100 ends and a cheap crimper tool.
I looked there before the first post, but couldn't find it anymore, I was going to get more from that place since they even included a tester.
Cat-6 is a slightly larger gauge than 5E. It also has some additional manufacturing requirements. Having just finished wiring a 6000 sq. ft. house with cat-6, I can tell you that it's a major PITA to work with. Stick with the 5E if you can.
6000 Square Feet??? ;)

Holy Cow, thats a castle, not a house.

Anyway, with the larger gauge it does make it more versatile for running power for cameras, etc...
Nothing significant. IIRC it's 23 gauge instead of the 24 gauge in 5 and 5E.

Actually, around here, 4k - 6k is the norm. The "large" houses start at 10k and go up. Explains why the county gets 35% of it's property tax revenue from the 2% of the houses that are on the lake here. And that was before they re-appriased everything upward by an average of 40%. ;)