PVR-250MCE $69.58

great find Treetop, makes me wonder what the catch is tho. I put one in my basket and was able to get to the checkout area, didn't see anything about a subscription.
makes me wonder what the catch is tho.

Me too. I wasn't able to find one, thats why I figured if I posted it here, someone may be able to... generally, if it sounds to good to be true....

I was even thinking that tthese might be refurb units, but I didn't see that mentioned. Didn't see anyhting about a subscription either. The only thing I found was that you have to make an account (like AO's site) and that they keep your information on a "secure" server.

I've been wanting a second tuner, and now that BTV is nearing an RC for v3.5 (that supports dual-tuners), I may try to pick one up in the next few days (next week)... I grounded myself from buying any new toys for a while (since I splurged on the touchscreen), so I may have to sit myself down and have a long talk about getting this or not, since I already have a workaround when something is being recorded....

But at this price I could easily justify it to myself :lol:
Well it looks like this was legit, and I now dont have to worry about breaking any promises to myself... they are sold out already :lol: