PVR-500 dual tuner card for $86??

Me personally, I won;t buy from any company I don't already know unless there is a street address on their site. I know it could be fake unless you do some investigating, but it tells me they aren't trying to hide anything.
Look at their faqs and note how they talk about reconditioned products exclusively. Then take a look at general item descriptions, a few say "this is a brand new item".

It could be the low price is for reconditioned merchandise.
# FEATURES LOW PROFILE video recorder for Windows XP Media Center Edition ONLY, NTSC version ONLY.
# WinTV-PVR-150MCE-LP brings live TV, FM radio and TV recording to Windows XP Media Center Edition.

There you go.
judging by the previous feedback they got, they like to mention that they are "only human" and make mistakes. Almost sounds like a bait and switch scenario.