PVR250 Question

I noticed something when I read about the PVR250. It talks about recording from the coaxial input. Does this mean it doesn't record from regular TV? I would have to get another box for my TV that doesn't have cable? (I know I can still use it for all TV's, but I don't want all of them to be forced to be on the same channel).

Or can the PVR250 be hooked up throught S-Video & still record TV?
The coaxial input is to connect it to normal cable (or an external antenna). There is an internal tuner that allows you to select the channel. This won't affect anything else on your cable or antenna. It works just like a over-the-air or cable-ready tv.

You can also record from a composite or svideo source. This source could be a camera, vcr, etc.

If you need to record from a cable box (digital cable or cable that won't work with a cable ready TV (i.e., uses channel 3 or 4 on the tv)) then you will need to use the composite or svideo in (or tune the PVR250 to channel 3 or 4). And, the cable box will need to be tuned to the channel you want to record. You will not be able to watch a different channel with that box while you record with the PVR250.
You will not be able to watch a different channel with that box while you record with the PVR250.

True, but most applications are starting to support dual-tuners, meaning that you can watch one show, while recording another. Of course, you need two PVR-250s (or one PVR-500)

I don't have two cards, though. My work around has been to have the sat. box plugged in to the card (since the signal is better) and have the basic cable channels (no box) plugged directly into the tv. This way, if the sat box is being used for a recording, I just have to change inputs on the tv to watch something off of cable.

The reason for having basic cable: The cable modem is $50 /mo without including cable service. With cable service, its $40 /mo. Cable service is $7 /mo. --- Save $3 /mo. AND, the cable guy hooked me up with extended basic cable.. 100 channels (I didnt even have to ask).... he was tipped accordingly :huh:
what smee is saying that if you want to watch digital/enhanced cable on a PVR series card, you have to have it record the output from that cable box, which means that the tv connected to the cable box can only view the channel which is being recorded at the time as both the Tuner and TV will be using that box. You would need to get a second set top box in order to deal with this, or a tuner which supports digital cable/hdtv.

I do the same thing you do with my cable I have one coax going to my tuner, and the HDTV set top box to my TV, so I can watch 2 different things at the same time.
rodriguez24 said:
But can you use the PVR250 w/out having cable? You would need an antenna that has coaxial output. Is this correct?
you can by either using an antenna, or a video source hooked up directly to the PVR (set top box, satellite receiver etc).
I see.

Hmm. then I would have to find a good coax antenna for when/if my PVR is recording (to do it Treetops way) because my TV without Antenna = No picture. Anyone recommend a coax-antenna?