Q: How to know if car alarm is armed

Joe W

Last night I turned in and left all three cars unlocked. This morning it got me thinking that there must be a way to hack a palmpad into the alarm wire that would transmit a ON command when armed. Anyone give this a thought? I don't want to have HS set the alarm, just know that the car(s) are armed.

I actually plan on doing this, and it's pretty easy to do. Most aftermarket alarm systems (even factory systems now) blink a red LED every x seconds to indicate it has an alarm and is armed. I am sure you can use some cheap palmpad hack to send a signal the first time it sees that LED blink (so it doesn't drain the battery). I also want to do the same thing with my door locks.
I did a How-to on "How to Hack a Palmpad", but it got lost in the latest crash. Wonder if any member happened to download at least the pictures from that thread?
I remember the picture my good friend BSR didn't post, that I wanted to see, was

the smoke when the palmpad was connected to 12 volts :D