Quest for new cameras turns up deal


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I was researching replacement cameras for my B&W target specials that I installed when we built the house 5 years ago and stumbled upon a pretty decent deal...

My main camera requirements are low-lux color capable cameras (dual mode is fine, which means it switches to B&W in low light).

I decided that the G4-12EXS by Gen IV Technology fit the bill. I wouldn't recommend googling the manufacturer, you might end up on a watch list. In addition, for areas that need some additional IR range for nighttime, I'm going with the EX-48S camera.

Ok, now for the deal.. I found the G4-12EXS for $75.00 at this store. They normally sell for $120-$130. Ebay had the 2nd cheapest at $99. They had a few other cameras that I did a scan on froogle and they were cheapest by over $30, while some other cameras were cheap, but only by $10.
HERE is a direct link to that camera. Description sounds good and the price is right. Just wish they would list more technical specifications but with the 1/3 Sony CCD, you can't go wrong with that price. Shipping seems to be in the ten dollar range.

That store front has Zero Ratings from Reseller so proceed with caution. ;)
It gets better.. You can check out intellicam systems webpage for further product info. This is the manufacturer of the product. Complete info and manuals can be found there:

Intellicam's Home Page

As far as the proceed with caution statement, I've been shopping online for over 10 years and have never had a problem. Over 90% of my "toys" come from online vendors. Never have I had an issue with a Yahoo store vendor. However, as any shopping experience, you should always proceed with caution.

The cameras really look decent and the price can't be beat for that model.

I doubt many people rate stores.

For instance I have No ratings. This can be a good thing when most people only take the time to complain rather then praise.

This is why you pay with credit cards. ;)

Smart Home has only 4
AutomatedOutlet has 0
Home Depot has 4
Good points. I should clarify my "proceed with caution" statement. It is meant as a warning to use "one time" credit cards, don't use your usual Email account, and never elect to store any of this information on their site. ;)
I think that refers to the fact that the manufacturer name (Gen IV Technology) is also used to describe some military night vision technology that is restricted and cannot be exported. It also seems to refer to some nuclear power stuff.

Who is the real manufacturer/importer? The thread mentions two names, Gen IV & Intellicam.
Wayne- Exactly. Searching the term pulls up quite a bit of nuclear technology as well as the night vision technology.

The real manufacturer is Intellicam, I made a mistake on the reference on the site to Gen IV technology, which must refer to the technology behind it.

I'll update the thread once I receive them and have a chance to play with them.

I should probably start another thread for this, but how many of you are using audio with your cameras? All of my cameras currently have audio, but with these that will change. Any recommendations on small mics?

I received the cameras last week, but havent had the chance to install them (maybe today or tomorrow). I just noticed today that instead of receiving the (3) G4-12EXS I ordered, I received (3) WPX-2330.

Some would call that good news, as the WPX-2330 is $10 more on their site, and is armored AND waterproof! However, it has 380 TV lines resolution compared to 420 TV lines. I know this would probably be considered an upgrade, but I want my extra 40 lines.. :)

I've emailed them and expect no issues exchanging. I'm still confused on the manufacturer. All of the cameras are branded Gen IV Technology, but they are definitely models from Intellicam .

I'll post more when I hook them up, and you'll be able to see the pics on my website (live cams). The black and white live cams there now are simply not cutting it in picture quality anymore. However, since the $49 cameras weren't meant for outside, I should be happy they've lasted as long through our extreme winters!
Let us know how it goes. For $75 per camera that is a good deal! I would exchange the cameras for the 420 lines also if it were me!

This camera is waterproof also correct?

From their site:
The most flexible day/night color weatherproof camera on the market

I don't know what advantage the "armor" feature would bring.
The model I ordered is Weather proof, but the one they sent is waterproof, meaning it can be submerged. Most outdoor cameras are weatherproof and water resistant, but obviously can't be submerged.

I just hooked up my driveway camera and of course it's a huge difference from my cheap B&W camera that has served mean well for it's initial investment. I'll post more pics of the nighttime view later...



Pictures captured from Active webcam.

Final pic of driveway while dark. Previously, the camera would be pitch black...


All of the pictures are from the higher priced camera (EX-48S) I purchased, as I mentioned they shipped me the wrong model for the $75 one.
Stinger said:
I just noticed today that instead of receiving the (3) G4-12EXS I ordered, I received (3) WPX-2330.
Stinger said:
All of the pictures are from the higher priced camera (EX-48S) I purchased
Stinger, can you clarify what you ordered, what you received & what took the pictures?

I ordered (2) EX-48S models (Gen IV Technology by Intellicam) and (3) G4-12EXS (Gen IV Technology by Intellicam).

The pictures are from a EX-48S, as I have not installed the G4-12EXS cameras because they sent me three WPX-2330 models instead.

The only difference in the EX-48S and G4-12EXS cameras according to the manufacturer is the number of LEDs to emit light. They state that unless you need a very long distance of IR light, go with the G4-12EXS.

Models can all be found in the link to Intellicam in my earlier message.

Sorry for the confusion.
Stinger, please keep us updated on your progress/results. For $75, this looks like a pretty good deal (if the image quality is good).

I also noticed that the site said it includes a free spare LED assembly. That's a plus.