Question about M1 Data Bus Hub For Ret


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For the ELK-M1DBHR M1 Data Bus Hub For Retrofit, if I'm interpretting the information correctly I can have one M1DBHR and off of that all my keypads.

THEN I can wire to the M1 controller in parallel with the 4 wires going to the M1DBHR another 485 branch that has all my expansion modules on it and it terminated at the end.

Yep if I'm reading what you want right.

• Splits The Controls' RS-485 Data Bus Output
Into 4 Managed Branches
• Each Managed Branch Can Have 2 Parallel
Home Run Cables (Total Of 8 Home Runs)
• EOL Termination Of Each Branch Insures
Proper Operation And Supervision
• Works With Std. 4 Conductor Home Run Wire
• An Additional Unit May Be Connected In Parallel
To The Control For Expanding Total Capacity
Dont you want to have keypads on each retrofit hub? What if one goes down due to a wiring problem or something. You will not get a trouble annunciation if either the power leads is interupted (if data line is interupted and the power is ok the keypads will beep that they lost communication).
Digger, I thought the latest and greatest firmware fixed that problem when using this hub.

FYI, HERE is a schematic of how I wired my friend's system.
My point is that you need a keypad working to get a trouble (although a dead keypad is a visual trouble). So if you lose power to all of your keypads because they are all on one hub then you wont get an audiable. If you have at least one keypad on another hub that one will beep when the system is in trouble.