Question about Surface Mount Contacts for Windows


Sorry for the very basic questions, but I really want to make sure I get this right the first time.

I'm installing surface mount contacts on the windows.(My house was pre-wired)
I'm not real sure of the best way to do this and would appreciate some advice.

Here's the window I'm working with:

It looks a little too big to mount this way:

Here's how I was thinking of mounting it... But will it work this way?


Any advice, suggestions, ideas, etc. would be greatly appreciated.



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Those look like the same one's I just put in. In my case they did work turned on the side like that. To make sure, just use an ohm meter and move the magnet by the switch the same way that it will move when installed. If you dont' have a meter, wire one into the panel, turn on chime on that zone and then move the magnet to see if you get the results you expect.....