Question about Wiring TR-16


I would like to replace my old thermostat [still works but very limited contol] with my new TR-16.
I know for a fact that I have 4 conductor wire running from HVAC to the thermostat.
I need help with steps to replace the thermostat.
Proposed steps:
1. I plan to install and enrol the M1XSP.
2. I plan to connect the RCS controller to M1XSP.
3. Connect RSC controller to HVAC
4. Connect Thermostat to the Controller

Does this sound right? Or there is a better installation plan?
Generally that is right. You can reuse the 4 wires from thermo head unit to thermo controller unit (at furnace). The TR16 comes with instructions on the details. Then, you will have to follow the instuctions with ELK to connect the thermo to the ELK. Then, you follow the instructions that come with MainLobby to connect a touchscreen to the ELK <_<
I normaly do it:
  • Remove old thermostat and wires to HVAC
  • Connect Thermostat to Controller
  • Connect Controller to HVAC
  • Set and Enroll M1XSP
  • Connect M1XSP to Controller