Question for Electron and HomeSeer Gameport


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I did post this on the Homeseer BB but didnt' get any response so appologies for tracking you down, I wasn't sure if you were following the thread.

I believe that you are the current Author of the HomeSeer Gameport Plugin Source code (version 2.7 which incidentally is working fine). I Wanted to know if you are developing this any further because I have a small feature request.

If you could confirm either way that would be great.


I totally rewrote the gameport addon, it's a standalone exe now, and supports more than 1 gameport, you can find it in the Home Automation Software forum, under downloads. I am planning on working on it soon, but feel free to post any questions/suggestions you have (I didn't see the thread on the Homeseer BB)

I'm running 2.7 and have 2 Gameports so that's 8 I/O ports I use already, I'm just about to go for the 3rd.

What I would really like to see though is the ability for the gameport to write its status to the homeseer log. I have 3 external doors hooked up to the gameports (with status of Open / Closed) and I'd really like their status written to the homeseer log directly rather than as I have done at the moment which is create an event for each door. Keep it simple is my approach, unfortuanetly simple for me suggests a bit of work for you (insert appropriate emoticon here :cool:.

Anyway thanks for your reply and support for a great plugin.


I believe the status changes do show up in the log file as the new 'plugin' is a stand alone software package which can communicate with Homeseer (and by default is logged). In case you haven't installed it yet, here is an older screenshot:

It hasn't been tested with the newer releases of Homeseer, but it should work, I used it myself for several months until I got my Ocelot (using 2 usb->4gameport adapters).
I'm not familiar with using the gameport stuff, so this may not make sense. But, it's based on some of the things I've run into using other interfaces/plugins.

Instead of adding logging to the program, is it possible to add something that will run a script in HS and send it the appropriate data (changed input) as arguments. This way, the end user could add many capabilities without requiring a rewrite. In this particular case, the script could contain a writelog statement.
Something similar to that is on the list (just like being able to execute batch files or programs like hsc.exe, etc., so you don't even require HS, you could use girder to do the collection of remote 'ports' on other systems), but this project is one of the many on my list unfortunately. You can trigger events based on the X10 on/off code it sends, as there isn't any other data to pass on. But allowing you to specify an event with parameters would make another nice addition, great idea!
I got a really great deal on the Ocelot, and needed to control some equipment , so I got the Ocelot and SECU16 (it also allowed me to move the critical stuff to a dedicated, more stable platform) so I can keep testing new stuff with my HA server.