Question on impedence matching VCs


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I just got my first set of celing speakers to install and test tonight, but i tested them free air and am pretty sure that 6" woofers are not going to product the bass i want. So i was thinking i could buy a powered sub and put it in the closet centrally located in my downstairs living area.


1) Will the oimpenedance matching, etc cause me a problem in the following setup:
Amp -> (speaker level outputs) -> Sub (with cross over or pass filter) -> (8) niles impendence matching VC (set to X to get me 4 or 8 (whatever the amp requires) ohm visibility downstream)-> several pairs of 8 ohm speakers (1 on each VC)

2) i've heard of HT setups where people put the sub in a closet, but with the sub in a closed up closet (with equipment, stairs above), in the middle of a 900 square foot open living space, will i enjoy it?

thx in advance