Quick Lighting Question


Hi All,
I am going to usae an HAI Omni to runs my lighting. I want to get a feeling for the best lighting to use? I currently use Lightolier Compose PLC in my kitchen with 6 keypad room controller. It seems to work fine.

However is UPB a better option or should I stay with Lightolier. I think Loigholier is more expensive.

ANy thoughts??

If you have Compose, which isn't cheap, and it works good, why switch? I had X-10, and wasn't all that happy with it. I switched to UPB and it works great. The Omni integrates with UPB well, especially with the HAI switches. I have the SA switches because I like their features better. The one BAD thing with UPB, is that you can't name links inm the Omni. So, your "scenes" are activated or deactivated by number not by name. This may or may not be a big deal, depending on many factors.