Radio RA help request...


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Another dealer hired me for some help with his first HAI install. He had mentioned that it was a RA lighting system. His client was pulling a Premise system out and he was going to run security on an HAI OPII and then use the HAI (via Samsung Q1's) to also control the RA and an older Nuvo NV-EV6. I expected to roll out today and tie into a a small Lutron install through either a Homeworks controller or a Chronos bridge. No such luck. Instead, the client has 78 RA switches that were controlled by Premise via Lantronix MS-VIA IP servers on top of three RA-RS232 modules. Oh, well, crap. There's no link between the RA modules and HAI will only attach to one of them. So now, I'm thinking, someone's gonna have to pony up for a Chronos bridge but, my understanding is that HAI will only recognize 64 dimmers and that the Chronos is the same. I am not a Lutron dealer and thus, need wise counsel. The truth is, that ultimately, it's not my problem (for once) but I would love to help both the primary dealer and the client out. Any guidance?
Hey Anthony;

I know VERY little about HAI systems, but I did remember seeing/reading about as some interfaces with RadioRA. I did a quick search and found THIS from LT Micro. Not sure if it helps you out that much though...
Thanks Robin but, unfortunately, no. Connecting to a single RA-RS232 module is a piece of cake. The issue lies in three seperate modules running so many dimmers. Any other ideas? RA gurus?
I ran into a similar problem with my Homeworks Wireless install. I have about 70 loads and Homeworks is limited to 64 per processor. So without buying another processor, I was going to be a few loads short. So for loads in closets and other out of the way loads, I used the Lutron Maestro timer switch. It looks exactly like the RA devices and keep the closet lights from being left on.

The only downside is that the LED is orange and not green like the RA devices.