Radio Shack Branded X10


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I was in a local Rat Shack yesterday and noticed that the have all of their X10 stuff clearance priced. I got a few lamp modules and relay modules for 9.95 each (regular 12.95) and a "Home automation starter kit" that was 45.00 for 19.95. It included a lamp and relay module and a digital clock/alarm bedside controller. I'm gonna go and visit a few others to see if anything else is available.

Not sure, I bought some x10 stuff from them about 2 years ago when they last had a clearance on it. This stuff has a sleeker case with a little door that covers the address dials. They seem to function just like all of my other X10 stuff though so I'm happy. It wouldn't surprise me if they went z-wave though. I see the z-wave stuff in Lowe's all the time, and it doesn't seem to be moving so I'm watching it for to be moved to the clearence tables soon.
Radio Shack has been clearing the X10 stuff or weeks. I picked up 5 lamp modules fro 3.95 each about a month ago. The reason they are clearing the older stuff is they are bring in their own X10 packaging.