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Radio Shack Universal Broadband Link


Senior Member
i found the Radio Shack Universal Broadband Link on clearance @ radio shack for $19.99. it uses your powerlines to bridge an ethernet connection.


google cache of radio shack item description, the search for available product works:

i tried it out and got about 5.6mbps through it. what i'm concerned about is that there is no security that i can tell. homeplug devices are supposed to have ways to restrict connections to your network like wifi, but this one doesn't seem to have any such configuration that i can find & the manual doesn't say anything about this either. they just plug in & work. the bottom of it has a label that lists a mac address and a "password" but the device doesn't attach to my network with its mac. it appears to be transparent, passing the ip & mac of whatever's connected to it.

anyway, someone else might find this interesting.


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just for fun, i plugged this into the outlet on my next door neighbor's porch and presto - link! guess it would be good for sharing a broadband connection w/ everyone on the street :ph34r: